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What! Only Four people...Wow...-10/8/10 Shout out Rallly...:::Next Rally;:::Next Friday at 6:00Pm Centrel Time and in the Lumbridge Cemetary...WORLD 1!..Taking a break today...-10/9/10

NewsRunescape Wiki is an Encyclopedia about related to Runescape! Tis wiki allows anyone to create or edit any article, but mind the rules:Don't be a silly and delete things. Other than that join this wiki and help make a good wiki on Runescape!-Ifallis or Brisingr-er...Update:New Quest Read below...And a new Segement...SHOUT OUT!....

To join the shout out by being in it Be at Lumbidge Cementry at World 1 at around 6:00 on a Friday, If I do not show up please come at 8:00 Central time...Username that to find is ifallis101(username that I talk on)...Parts to do....Below...

  1. First is the Random shout out! (Please only 1 sentence long)
  2. Second is the Rant Shout out! (Please only 1 sentence long, FYI Rant means Something that you don't like about RS)
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  4. Fourth is the Combat Shout out!(Please just keep it short, This is a shout out is for Experinced Combat Players only(Must be at least Level 50 or up) And The combat shout out is advice for players to refer to)

    Me Killing Ahrim at level 79

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Ok! Updating things later(filling up pages)-Ifallis


  • Latest Update on TBA!V.1.0
  • News on RS: New Quest:The Void Stares Back marks the end of the Void Knight quest series we started this summer. So far, you have investigated and tracked a released pest; unscrambled Korasi's memories; witnessed the death of Void Knights at the hands of a mysterious figure; pushed around beer barrels; infiltrated a Black Knight workshop; and played with puzzle boxes.

Once more, the Void Knights call on you for assistance. Their skills at stealth are not nearly as keen as your own and Korasi needs you to infiltrate the Black Knights again. Doing so will lead to many dangers, both mental and physical, but will enable you to discover who the real mastermind behind this nefarious pest-fuelled plot is, and what they really wanted those puzzle boxes for...

Finding out is the easy part, though, as stopping them will push your diplomatic and strategic skills to the limit as you command your knightly allies against a truly unhinged foe. Oh, and you might want to brush up on your Conquest tactics as well.

After all of these trials, tribulations and moral quandaries, your standing among the Void Knights will be judged, but we're sure you’ll not be found you'll also be thoroughly rewarded with a variety of experience and some upgraded Void Knight gear that shows off your true colours. Credit to RS for info...

80 Magic 78 Attack 78 Strength 71 Firemaking 70 Construction 70 Crafting 70 Smithing 55 Summoning 10 Defence A Void Dance Complete the Conquest tutorial A combat level of 100+ is recommended

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News!!! TBA DONE!!!!! V.1 And now Making V.2 of the TBA's epic adventures. And P.s To get in the Shout Out read the top Desc. The Rally was a mess only 4 people came! Come on!

And RS Shout out from fans!:Hi iam lil Tobab! Said lil Tobob during the rally on 10/8/10 and 8:00pm Centrel time...

And A RS Rant Shout out from fans:Runescape is to laggy Said Fluffums and Bob during a rally at Varrock...

And RS Future Update Shout out from the fans: There should be a new skill...Using a boat!' Said PkMaster During a little expodition in the jungle...

And RS Combat Tip Shout out from the fan Brisingr-er (ME): Think outside the Box! Use your imagination! On Fire Creatures Use Water spells, who knows it might work... Said the Awesome Player Brisingr-er!

And that includes 10-8-10 Shout out! And For a Helpfull Link straight to RS....Runescape....FYI World 1 is the best server for trade and just messing around......P.s My Username is Brisingr-er.....10/8/10